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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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life attempting to save the life of appn elderly frail woman. >> joyce craig lewis died battling a row house fire this morning. >> the 11 year veteran is philadelphia's first female before to die on the job. harry harrison has spent the day searching for new information on the fire. >> reporter: 36-year-old joyce craig lewis entered this home just before 3:00 this morning to help fight a basement fire. fire officials say conditions deteriorated quickly. a commanding officer ordered lewis and her team of three out, but lewis never made it. investigators are trying to determine what may have gone wrong with her equipment. >> it's under investigation. we've collected all of her equipment including her alarm. >> reporter: fire officials say the national institute of occupational safety and health will examine lewis' equipment. we're told they will take a close look at whether her personal alert system device
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worked. it makes a loud sound to it alert firefighters that their partner is in trouble and helps to locate them in a dark smoky area. meantime the philadelphia fire marshal is investigating the cause of the deadly fire. >> i can tell from you experience typically a basement fire is a very hot fire and the visibility is near or at zero. >> reporter: investigators say they are also trying to figure out what happened that left lewis trapped. >> they act as a team. and they go in as a team. and they come out as a team. >> our team coverage continues with lu ann cahn. joyce craig lewis leaves behind two children. >> reporter: that's right. 36 years old, the mother of two. an 11 year veteran of the fire department here at engine company 64. extremely well respected. someone who is known as being passionate about her job and aggressive in fighting fires.
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>> well respected, good firefighter. it's a numbness that is affecting all of us, both police and fire. >> reporter: engine company 64 and inside her locker is marked with flowers. most fellow firefighters say they can't talk on camera today, but one told us craig lewis started as an emt, but she also wanted to be a firefighter. the mother of a 16 month old daughter and a 16-year-old son was one of just 150 women in the department. she excelled, asked for work in the busiest engine companies. honored for rescuing someone from a fire in the past. the fire commissioner says she helped save the life of the elderly woman in the home you lewis went into early this morning. a fellow firefighter says she was not with her formal engine company last night. she was with engine company 73 because she was working overtime. today back at her home engine company, they're starting to
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prepare for a funeral. >> everybody is hartbroken and i did know her personally. i knew she was a hard worker. i knew that she was a firefighter's firefighter. >> reporter: i spoke briefly to joyce craig lewis' brother earlier today. and he simply said she was a hero. lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. well, it is an nbc 10 first alert weather day. and the impact from our december nor'easter can be seen clearly at the jersey shore. this is video from north wildwood where some streets were swallowed up by water. this scene is playing out up and down the coastline. ted greenberg is live in long beach township. how are conditions out there, ted? >> reporter: well, still plenty of high water here on lbi tonight, although we have been watching it go down very slowly. long time residents here on long beach eye loisland told me toda
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flooding is the worst since super bowl super storm sandy. john jones wanted to move will his car to higher ground, but found no where else to go as flood waters kept rising outside the restaurant where he works. >> this is the worst it's been since sandy. >> reporter: the water appeared to have made it into at lease one business. despite detours, some still decided to try their luck by going through all that corrosive water which the nor'easter drove out of barnegat bay. not everyone was successful. >> you can ruin your car. saltwater does nothing for the vehicle except costly repairs. >> reporter: breezy out here tonight still, but nothing like what it was like earlier in the day. in fact a 56-mile-per-hour wind ghus was clocked not far from here in harvey cedars.
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ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. you heard ted just say it, some places along the jersey shore haven't seen flooding this serious since hurricane sandy. >> gasolilenn "hurricane" schwa has a closer look. >> it takes several ingredients to produce significant coastal flooding. it's not just the wind. it's the fact that we're near the full moon, secondly the wind direction, and speed, and thirdly, the rain. we had tremendous rains at the shore overnight as we expected. and quite a difference from the shore to the inland areas. here is the radar estimates. near 4 inches near the shore on about half or a little above in philadelphia itself. and as we go a little closer, even with that the same county, a range of a half inch to 4
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inches of rain. so we do have the radar showing that those showers have moved past and we're not getting that kind of an issue again. now, the other factor that we had is the wind. the wind coming straight in off the ocean for hundreds of miles just builds up the water. high tide after high tide. but as the storm moves up past us, the wind shifts and that's what is happening now. it's turning into an offshore wind and that is going to prevent the type of flooding that we had this morning there happening again tomorrow morning. now let's head over to sheena parveen with more on another aspect of the nor'easter, the change to snow. >> that's right. so we are watching areas north and west very carefully. p that will be the first change over to snow that we expect. and really the most likely change over on snow. the largest area with a changeover to snow as we go late in to the overnight hours tonight and early tomorrow morning.
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so here is a look at that radar again. you see mainly rain through the area now. but not too far up to our north, there is already snow on the back end of this system. so what will happen is all the cold air with this snow is just going to move down into our area on the back side of this big nor'easter. and that will eventually give our area a change from rain to though. so north and west, this will be the best chance for that as we go after midnight, we expect more of the changeover into early tomorrow morning 8:00, notice temperatures a little bit above freezing still. so it will be hard for the snow to accumulate. but we do expect to be falling. so you will see it falling just any accumulation if any will be small, will be mostly on grassy surfaces. middle of day, snow still falling. but take a look at those temperatures, we're near 40 degrees in some locations. otherwise mid-30s three the lehigh valley. poconos will getting a accumulation. but with temperatures like this, it's going to be a little hard to accumulate any high amounts
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of snow. again best chance on grassy surfaces. and then late tomorrow night into early thursday, those numbers drop gown. so we could be geeling with icy spots. i'll talk more about that and also how much snow we could potentially see coming up. icy spots out there, one hipg for sur thing for sure, the roads will be wet. >> let's see how it's affecting traffic with katy zachry. >> roads are wet especially for new jersey drivers. the 42 freeway, taillights are southbound. headlights northbound. i'm pleasantly surprised by this. these roads are wet, be but we aren't seeing the typical volume for the evening rush. so things look the great for 42 and 55. there is flooding in mt. laurel township. union mill road between briggs and harthartford, that portion closed. alternate is route 38.
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atlantic county, ted greenberg showed us some visuals there. there is flooding along route 30 between delilah and indiana avenue. one lane is blocked there because of flooding. taking a live look at 95 at cottman avenue, looking great. no delays on 95. and up in bucks county, route 413 and stump road, downed wires and downed pole. so be cautious. and as the storm continues to change, get important weather updates delivered to your smartphone or tablet, a free download available on tonight the cia is under fire all because of 13 techniques used to interrogate prisoners after the 9/11 attacks. we take a closer look at a controversial report showing tactics that many are calling torture. and arson investigation. police arrest two men after a pair of fires at delaware churches. out suspects were caught and
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what their motive may be.
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and here is a live look at the radar. we're seeing mostly light rain across parts of the area, but overnight into tomorrow morning, some of this rain will be changing over to snow. so coming up, i'll show you the time line on that and what the accumulations look like so far.
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that's straight ahead. in the meantime, torture tactics used by the cia. >> that's one of the conclusions on a new report on the methods used by the cia to interrogate terror zus persuspects after 9/. jim rosenfield has a closer look at the report. >> and senate investigators release that had report today, the first public accounting after years of debate.that had the first public accounting after years of debate. the report found cia interrogations of terror suspects after 9/11 went far beyond legal boundarieboundarie. they say tactics were more brutal than the agency ever admitted, including sleep deprivati deprivation, confining them to shawl box small boxes and waterboarding. and the report says information obtained using the tactics did not play a key role in finding osama bin laden. and there is concern release of
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the report will lead to violent outrage in trouble spots around the world. >> over the past couple of weeks, i've gone through a great deal of introspection about whether to delay the release of this report to a later time. it clearly is a period of turmoil and instability in many parts of the world. unfortunately that will continue for the foreseeable future. where this report is released or not. >> president obama hopes the release of this information about ci aechlt in-ta interroga lead the brutal practices in the past. "nightly news" will have a complete report on today's reaction to the release coming up at 6:30. jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. new information on the tragedy in newtown. nearly two years after the shooting rampage, some of the
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victims' families have taken the first steps toward filing wrongful death lawsuits. the parents of ten first graders shot to death have filed papers that allow them to create estates in the victims' names and in turn file lawsuits. sources tell nbc news several families have met with a local law firm to discuss their options, but also not clear who a wrongful death suit will be filed against. sunday marks got year anniversary. today gun violence prevention leader issued a call for action in washington, d.c.. gun safety groups released a new report that says there have been at least 95 school shootings in the u.s. since sandy hook. on december 14, 2012, adam lanza shot his way into the connecticut school and killed 20 children and six educators before shooting himself. fixing federal prisons. that is the goal of a new task force introduced today in
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washington. the nine person panel includes john wet zell the secretary of pennsylvania's department of corrections. the group will examine overcrowding and drug rehabilitation programs for inmates. u.s. representative was there for the announcement. >> need to have a group that can take all of these ideas and put forth real solutions. we imprison too many people for too long. and at too high a cost to our families and to our country. and we can have safer communities, but we need to do it smarter. >> the group beginning meeting in january. they oem aim to have a report to the president and congress a year from now. congressman is the husband of rene sha nalt fatah. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is hospitalized after a truck crash near the team's stadium. doctors say he suffered fractures in his lower back. witnesses say his truck rolled receiver times this morning.
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crews took newton to the hospital where he's listed in fair condition. cam newton is a two time pro bowler with the carolina panthers. he won a national championship and heisman trophy at the university of auburn. get a load of this now. forget frustrations at the lack of room in economy class. a new twist on in-flight anger and it involves macadamia nuts. today a 40-year-old resigned after korean air's executive of catering and cabin service on friday got into an argument with a crew member who served first class passengers bagged macadamia nuts instead of nuts on a plaet. reports say she demanded the plane turn around and the crew member be kicked off. south korea's government is facing if charges should be.
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we're still watching the same nor'easter that brought a lot of flooding to the shore, so we will start to see slow improvement there is. but through tonight into tomorrow, we still have first alert weather day out because of rain that will be changing over to snow. some of that happening very late tonight. mainly areas north and west. and possible icy spots into tomorrow night. temperatures will really start to plummet tomorrow night. so here is a look at the nor'easter. we have light rather than in parts of new jersey and even up into the lee hhigh valley. but if you look just north of carbon monroe, some of the higher elevations in the poconos, we're seeing a bit of a changeover to snow and this will continue for the poconos and lehigh valley as we go overnight tonight once that colder air starts to drag down. so the cold air is up to our north. and this is pretty of the back side of this nor'easter.
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it will swing in and as we go into the overnight hours tonight, that snow will slowly start to move in. some of that will be around for your morning commute. right now, we're too warm for that. 43 in allentown, 42 reading and pottstown. philadelphia mid-40s. poconos in the mid firts. winds are gusting they're about 25 to 30 miles per hour about that but for the shore, this is better news because these are now more off shourd winds. high tides won't be as bad as what we saw this morning. so we will see some slow relief at the shore. future weather, we'll watch as the changeover happens to snow. shear poconos, lehigh valley, areas north and west. right now temperatures are above freezing. as we go through the overnight,000 we see the snow moving in, temperatures still a little bit above freezing even tomorrow morning. so you may be seeing the snow falling. but it will be hard to accumulate with those slightly
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warmer temperatures even though i wouldn't call them warm. but in this kind of weather, hard for the snow to stick to the surface. best areas would be grassy accumulations. lighter snow will keep falling through the afternoon. temperatures rising a little more and it's really not until late tomorrow once that snow clears away those numbers start to drop below freezing. so that's why we could have icing especially areas authority and west. so here's what future models are showing us. not ooch in the wtoo much in th accumulated snowfall. in the poconos, 3 to 5 inches. but several hours of snowfall and we don't really have that much. so coal win nation of it being on the lighter side for mae many hours and also slightly above freezing temperatures. around philadelphia and i-95 cory tore, temperatures stay above freezing. some snow we note moves in to the area falling as we go through the morning hours but didn't expect it to be sticking to the roadways. for tonight, rainy, windy.
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rain to snow late north and west. temperatures in the 30s. closer to freezing areas north and west. tomorrow we'll see rain change over to snow as well as in the morning hours. still windy and cold, temperatures still about mid to upper 30s. areas closer to 40. and thursday we dry out more, some snow showers left over. more sunshine as we go into the weekend. despite the ongoing casino crisis, atlantic city may not have seen his last gaming hall. new casinos could be on the horizon. why size matters in this case. and railroad tracks are the last place you would ever want to see this. how a school bus ended up on the rails with children inside.
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we're learning more about the two men charged with setting several churches on fire. investigators say the mayor burned healing hands three churches in felton. they identified them as alex harrington and joe skolac. one man admitted to starting the fires, but investigators say it had nothing to do with race or relidge i don't think. one pastor tells nbc 10 they were sdwrus loosh to go steal whatever they could find. our church was on their way and said this is a good place to
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start. >> that pastor says he forgives the men who burned down his church. honest take says it will replace air bag inflaters on 2.5 million more cars. the air bags can inflate with too much force blowing apart a metal canister and spewing shrapnel. at least five people have died because of the problem. honda's expansion brings total repairs to 5.5 million. takata and chrysler have refused recall demands while ford, mazda and bmw haven't decided yet. more questions than answers about the story behind this video. a school bus became stuck on some train track this is louisville, kentucky this morning. there were three students on that bus when it became stuck. they are fine. but how and why the bus ended up on the tracks still unclear. slippery roads play have played
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a role. an 11 year firefighter veteran died in a house fire and the commissioner holds himself accountable. what nbc 10 has learned about the life and sudden death of firefighter joyce craig lewis. also ahead -- >> the camera never blinks. red light cameras could soon go dark for betwegood. why there is a last ditch effort to keep them watching you. husband at 6:00, to the your average crime. the unusual item this man is accused of stealing from a local store. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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>> one of my goals when i became economicsn n commissioner is we would never lose a member. >> grief, blame, anger. an emotional time as they try to come to grips with losing one of their own. 36-year-old joyce craig lewis died while fighting a fire this morning. >> she's the first female firefighter in philadelphia history to die on the job. renee chenault fattah has more on joyce craig lewis. >> this was an emotional day for the victim's two families. her relatives as well as her
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colleagues. she was a decorated 11 year veteran. she served at some of the busiest stations in the city including engine 9, engine 45, and engine 64. just before 3:00 this morning, craig lewis was one of the first to arrive at a house fire on middleton street. she got trapped inside the basement. >> i can tell from you experience typically a basement fire is a very hot fire and the visibility is near or at zero. >> tonight black bunting hangs above engine 64. investigators trying to figure out what started the fire. federal experts will conduct their own advice. and darrel clark issued a statement on today's issue that reads in part, i hope all philadelphiian takes a moment to appreciate the risks taken and sacrifices made by our first responders every day. these brave public servants put the lives of complete strangers before their own just as firefighter craig lewis did
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today. craig lewis was working overtime for another city fire company when the tragedy occurred. she leaves behind a 16-year-old son and 16 month old baby girl. turning to weather now and first alert weather day. what a raw wet wind swept day as a nor'easter continues to blow across our area. the ride home tonight, a slow one as we look live at a rainy i-95 in south philadelphia. and that rain will turn to snow before the nor'easter finally exits our area. >> she that par screen, what can we expect? >> it depends on where you live. if you're at the shore, you saw flooding this morning. you still have areas flooded out. but if you're north and west of philadelphia, that's where we'll start to see the first change over to show. here is a look at the radar currently. it's all rain at this point. temperatures pretty well above freezing. is this light rain shown by the green. but then you start to notice the white.
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some areas changing over to snow in the highest elevations and that's where we see snow even farther north. so all this will slowly move to the south which will be in and you are other by overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. so some spots in the poconos will start to see that changeover first. later tonight, closer to mid night, areas north and west and shall could be falling for the morning commute, too. so here is a look at future weather. north and west, a change overcloser to midnight. temperatures still a little above freezing here, so we come expect to be hard for this snow to accumulate. regardless, this is the morning commute. we expect snow to be falling in these areas and it could stretch down into parts of the i-95 corridor. coming up, a closer look and we'll talk more about how much snow we could expect. and our live team coverage of the nor'easter continues. >> doug hishimell is live in lehigh valley. >> reporter: and we're getting a
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pretty stiff wind out of the north. still a very cold rain. penndot says they are in the process of switching over to what they believe will be a limited plow operation overnight after being in a melting the ice on the road operation most of the day. the nor'easter could not decide where it wanted to freeze in the poconos and lehigh valley. forcing penndot to keep putting down salt and traction material. >> with the ice and freezing rain, you really didn't know what to expect. so at least with snow, you know, you can kind of maneuver your way through it. >> reporter: all along interstate 80, ice lined the roads in the higher elevations affecting when and where you went. >> this choppy, go back home, turn on the stove and that's it. wait for the worst. >> reporter: vince hates nor'easters because he says their unpre-difficultability scares off customers from his
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mt. pocono gift shop. >> they called anywhere 4 to 8 inches for us. of course i've heard that before. you can get 2, you can get 14. >> reporter: and they are used to what nor'easters go from the lehigh valley on north. so they will see what falls and shovel if they must. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. flooding is a big problem at the jersey shore. drivers are doing their best to navigate these flooded streets out there. in fact some shore towns saw the most flooding since super storm sandy. glenn "hurricane" schwartz takes a closer look. >> yeah, absolutely. it takes more than just a wind direction or a lot of rain or the phase of the moon to produce flooding. it takes a combination of all of them and that's what we've had, including a tremendous amount of rain especially up and down the coastline. back inland, very, very little.
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and let's see how much. 2 to 4 inches of rain in some parts of the shore while back across philadelphia, just a little over half inch. and even within the same county, a couple of counties for example we had nearly 4 inches down to around a half inch. we had hour after hour of the strong east wind, gusts up to 55 miles per hour. piling that water right up on the beaches. we had beach erosion. but now that the low has moved past, the wind shifts, now blowing offshore. and that will fight with the water that is so high. so it's not receding real fast, but it is receding and it won't go up tomorrow morning with the high tide because of that wind direction. the high tides tonight are 9:00 to 11:00. farther to the south, but again,
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nothing near the flooding that we saw during this morning. let's see if the wet weather is affecting the ride home from work. >> similar to what sheena said, it really depends on where are you. new jersey drivers, listen to what i'm saying. we'll start things off with the ben franklin bridge. looks great in both directions. all bridges are clir free of any problems. unfortunately, for new jersey drivers, there is some flooding. starting things off in mt. laurel township, you will find flooding on union mill road between briggs and hartford. that section of road is closed. you can take route 38 away that. route 30 between today lee lila and indiana avenue, one lane blocked. and also route 9 near 30, we are seeing some flooding. moving into pennsylvania, 76 near the conshohocken curve, that is eastbound. look at your drive times between
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the blue right and the vip, abo vine, about 30 minutes. definitely wet spots also on 76. and moving up to lehigh valley, just look at how the shine from the road, you can see lights are shining off of the road. and also in lower marion township, there is an extent we're following. we've heard the saying the camera never blinks. >> especially true of red light cameras which are an unwelcome imposing eye for some driver across our area. it will soon go dark at intersections across new jersey unless the last minute change is made. cydney long is live for us. >> reporter: i can tell you some state lawmakers fear that driver safety will indeed be compromised if the cameras go away. i confirmed with the state department of transportation because the municipalities and towns own and operate the red light equipment on their own, it will be up to each town to key activate the cameras on their own by next tuesday at midnight.
5:38 pm
drivers will no longer have to worry about the costly tickets and watching themselves on video, but some fear the cameras may not be gone for long. rick short can't wait for new jersey's red light cameras to be unplugged. he hopes for good. short says too many towns are using different measures to manipulate the crash data and draining driver pocketbooks to infuse money to the town. >> like today, it's raining out. the camera is not working. if you go into the e-mails between the township and police department, there is not wipers on it. if it's raining, they're not working. if it's cold, they're not work. >> reporter: the pilot program has reduced dangerous motor vehicle crashes we're told. with just a week left, some north jersey lawmakers want to rescue the program by pushing legislation that would dictate that revenue from the $85 tickets would go to road safety
5:39 pm
initiatives. not just municipal cost. >> there a fear that in the last hour something will happen and there will be a bill that is pushed through and -- >> i do think they're a little excessive. during low traffic times to get a ticket for not coming to a complete stop seems a bit unnecessary. >> only after the cameras are dark and quiet will new jersey's d.o.t. review the data on 85 cameras statewide. and send that final report on the effectiveness of the red light cameras to the new jersey state legislature. that is not likely to happen until this spring. governor christie has said he's in favor of the pilot program coming to an end. live in cherry hill, sydney long, nbc 10 news. we're learning new information about a deadly plane crash. a new jersey native is one of six people killed when a small jet crashed into a maryland home. what officials are saying about the moment just before impact. and atlantic city may not have seen its last new casino.
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why size will play a big role when it comes to future cam blink.
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a beach replenishment project is moving forward. >> today the feds approved a multimillion-dollar contract for nearly 13 miles of beach wid widening and dune restoration. td project was partially finished when super storm sandy hit. since then, repairs were made. the project will 34r50e9 the initial construction. expected to be finished in about a year and a half. further south of the shore, residents have been fighting plans to build dunes. we told you state officials plan to go ahead with the project there despite residents voting in favor of a referendum to at that time at that titake the ba court. four casinos have closed, but thousands of workers have
5:43 pm
lost their job, but gambling may not be over. the plan for new casinos and why size matters. plus all new at 6:00, police say to check your receipts if you've eaten at a local pizza joints. how the owners are accused of cheating it customers.
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here are stories making headlines. philadelphia is mourning the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty. 36-year-old joyce craig lewis became trapped in the basement of a row home on fire. she leaves behind a 16-year-old son and a 16 honesty old daughter. cu achlt investigations of
5:46 pm
terror suspects went far beyond legal boundaries. the report found tactics used by the cia were more brutal than the agency ever admitted, including sleep deprivation, confining detainees to small boxes and waterboarding. the nor'easter is not out of the area yet, so for tonight and also tomorrow, we're still going to call the first alert weather day until the fire thing is gone. but because it's still heerk we'll still see the back end of this system which could mean yefr night tonight, rain moving over snow for shall parts of the aert. mainly north and west. and we could have icy spots especially areas north and west. that's something we'll certainly be watching. currently, though, no icy spots. temperatures well above freezing. here is a look at the nor'easter bringing a lot of heavy rain, heavy wet snow to parts of new england. locally, we're just seeing some
5:47 pm
light rain. no snow in the area right now. some light rain around the philadelphia area. parts of machiontgomery, lehigh valley. but a change over to snow just north in some of the higher elevations. and this change over will slowly move into the poconos and then the lehigh valley. is this all the back end of this system which is fairly typical with a nor'easter of this type bringing down that back end with the cold air and moisture in place. so we expect a change over to snow overnight. areas north and west still above freezing in the 40s. we're in the mid-40s for most of the philadelphia area. also south jersey and delaware. good news for the shore, we had a lot of flooding this morning, some areas still seeing flooding and other high tide later on this evening. but the winds are turning offshore. is this going to help. no more on shore swells at the moment. but at least we'll see the on
5:48 pm
shore wind helping a little bit. it won't help flooding, it will at least help for the clearing out. for the poconos north and west, this is an area you how that we are shifting our focus to. this is a spot where you expect snow to be developing. on after about midnight, snow coming down through the morning hours. temperatures could be a little bit above freezing which will also make it hard to accumulate. through the afternoon, temperatures rising still above freezing. but there you see the snow still falling. could be moving into the i-95 corridor. by evening, that snow clears out and the temperatures really start to grop ofdrop off. for the philadelphia area, again temperatures staying above freezing, but some of the snow could start to make its way down as we go through the morning hours. and briefly, we don't expect it
5:49 pm
sticking on the roadways. but just something to keep in mind. as far as snow totals are concerned, this is going to be several hours of snow falling. 3 to 5 inches in the higher elevations or maybe a little bit more, but it depends where you are. the wind and snow changing over late tonight, temperatures in the 30s. tomorrow rain to snow, it will be windy, cold day still. but best areas of snow north and west. and then as we go into thursday morning, we'll be watching for the icy spots. snow showers thursday. more sunshine, drier conditions going into the weekend. new jersey isn't giving up on a push to attract new smaller casinos to atlantic city. on thursday, a senate committee will debate a bill that waters down the requirements of a three-year-old law designed to attraction rest costly casinos with as few as 200 rooms. but no one has ever built one of the new casinos in ac. among the new changes, it would let casinos be established in
5:50 pm
existing buildings rather than requiring help to be new construction. a short time there now, an annual tree lighting ceremony set to take place honoring plit officers in montgomery county. project blue light is niin its 16th year. a string of 1,000 blue lights will adorn a tree in deep med toe park. each blue light represents an officer. 28 white lights represent officers killed in the line of duty. turning to this right now, three local nonprofits will share $100,000. it's grant money from nbc universal's 21th century solutions. >> the food bank of south jersey got $50,000 for their just peach which i salsa program it is sold next to coke and sprite. you can even dip a chip into a
5:51 pm
bowl of it at some nearby restaurants. just peachy salsa. >> i really like the kick that it has. >> reporter: buy a jar and you'll boost the food bank's ability to put food on the plates of people in our area. >> sometimes people have never accessed public assistance before. people who are one paycheck away from not being able to roy food. >> reporter: south jersey farmers donate nearly 1 million pounds of slightly imperfect peaches to the year bank yearly. that's what stores demand. fruit that doesn't per up used to be thrown away. >> to the tune of 2 to 3 trailers a day, 60, 80,000 pound as day. >> reporter: but now they donate peaches once destined for the landfill to the food bank and also sells them at pennies on the dollar, specifically for just peachy salsa. >> everybody wins. and you don't see that very often these days. >> reporter: campbell's soup came up with the recipe and donates time, effort and
5:52 pm
packaging it takes to produce the spicy mix of fruit. ashd nd we can expand what o to the mission of feeding people. >> reporter: brings in about $80,000 a year to the food bank. the organization says the 21st century grant will help offset the ks of processing the peaches opening up monday for other programs. >> somebody sitting down somewhere will have dinner tonight. they won't go to bed hungry. >> so many people benefit. and the salsa sells for under $3 a jar and is also available online. tomorrow we'll tell you about a 21th seventh september churry wo keeps students off the streets following school. >> and new details follows the deadly lean crash. what we're learning about the plane's final moments before it plunged into a maryland house.
5:53 pm
then at 6:00, the growing reward in the search for shane.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
plamg a bus stop attack. >> a man accused of slashing another with a machete. the victim was standing near the suspect's ex-girlfriend.
5:56 pm
jason la month butler slashed him and was confronting his ex-girlfriend about $400 that she owed him. but then got into a fist fight with the victim. butler spoke to a tv station about what happened. >> what did he do to provoke you some. >> pulled out a knife on you. >> he tried to attack you? >> yeah. >> there was a puddle of blood on the ground. it was just bad. it was shocking. >> butler is charged with attempted homicide. new information about a local woman and her two sons killed when a plane crashed into 245ir maryland home. >> marie gemmell, her 3-year-old and one month old son were inside their home when the jet crashed engulfing their home in flames. gemmell tried to protect her children, but there was nothing she could do.
5:57 pm
her body was found in a second floor bathroom lying on top of her sons. gemmell is it from brick township. today investigators revealed some what have they know. >> the initial examination of both engines reveals no evidenc. >> the initial examination of both engines reveals no evidence of an in-flight fire, of a catastrophic engine failure or uncontainment. >> the plane took off from chapel hill, north carolina. pl three people inside the plane also died. coming up next at 6:00, what happened inside a philadelphia home to take a firefighter's life. tonight we're learning more about her and the conditions that made that fire so dangerous. investigators are look at the equipment designed to save her life. we've seen rain and flooding. i'm tracking the nor'easter as it continues to effect us.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
what went wrong. tonight the federal government is launching its own investigation after a female firefighter died in the line of duty for the first time in philadelphia. >> she gave her life saving, protecting a resident of the city. >> she was the mother of a 16
6:00 pm
month old baby and a child in high school. now we're learning how a relatively small fire could take such a tragic turn. her name was joyce craig lewis. the fire commissioner says he knew her personally and called her a firefighter's firefighter. >> and tonight we're learning new details about why the fire that claimed her life in woest oak lane was so challenging to fire. harry, what you can tell us? >> reporter: well, right now investigators are going over every single detail of what happened earlier this morning, what happened inside that basement that resulted in the death of one of their own. 36-year-old joyce craig lewis help willed to save the life of an elderly woman at this west oak lane home. but craig lewis lost her life while fighting a basement fire just before 3:00 this morning. >> i can tell from you experience that typically a


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